Discriminating Against Smokers

cigarettes-78001_150I like to pride myself on being a logical gal, and though I can understand the reasoning of the following quote which I will post from a job advertisement on careerbuilder.com, I am horrified by the allowance of such blatant discrimination and attempt to control the public.

Here is the excerpt from Cigna employment opportunity posting:

“Starting with job offers dated January 1, 2014, Cigna will no longer hire – where state law permits applicants who use tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars and chewing or smokeless tobacco. Currently, these states are: AL, AK, AZ, AR, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, KS, MD, MA, MI, NE, OH, PA, TX, UT, VT and WA.”

I am one of the first people to agree that using tobacco is detrimental to our health, but let me also assure you that I have no vested interest in bringing this latest form of discrimination and abuse of control to light. I have never even tried a cigarette, and never have been tempted to do so.

The real question, or problem, is that a company is now saying it has every right to discriminate against employment candidates on the basis of whether or not they smoke cigarettes. Not only is this an invasion of the public’s right to privacy, but paves the way for additional abuses of control and power. Where does it stop? Will companies decide not to hire those who drink alcohol, or just certain amounts of alcohol? Will they take a candidate’s word at face value, or will there need to be further invasions of privacy to record our use of the substance?

What about coffee? It has been proven that caffeine has similar effects on the brain to those of certain illegal substances.  Perhaps we will have a punch card of some sort that records the number of cups we have during the day. Perhaps companies will let that slide because of recent studies showing that consuming the caffeinated beverage can, among other things, make you smarter.

See the article from Popular Science by clicking here.

Next it may be poor driving habits, or any number of things that are appealing to or beneficial to some company or entity to control. This isn’t okay. It’s already enough discrimination to check credit bureaus for positions which have nothing to do with banking and money.

Congratulations Corporate America. You are now discriminating against the poor, and the nicotine addicted. What shall we add next? Obese people? Those with certain health conditions like kidney problems?

Let’s spread the word. If we don’t fight against this horrendous misuse of power and control, we risk creating a country in which we are either forced to conform to a random person’s idea of correct living, or work for substandard pay at jobs that are still truly fair and non-discriminatory. Freedom will cease to exist if we let this go without a fight.


Based upon content viewed at the following website on March 9th, 2014


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