Power and Responsibility

It is said that with great power comes great responsibility, but it may not be the type of responsibility that is typically considered. What is great power? Is it being in a position of authority over others? Yes. What else might it be though?

Anyone who is in a position to affect change possesses great power. Those of us in the United States have a great deal of freedom, which arguably means that we all have some amount of power. It’s imperative that we use that power in wisdom and to seek truth in all circumstances. The only way power can be truly successful is to have an appropriate balance, which in many cases is responsibility.

It is our duty to learn to see beyond the things that

YinYang originally titled Yin Yang Sky Earth
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people want us to see, so we can discern the truth of what is hidden in the shadows. It is a skill which can only really be obtained by careful observation, and possibly an amount of “gut feeling”. Some scientists are trying to understand why gut instincts can be fairly accurate, and how reliable those instincts are. Check out an article about our gut instincts on the Oprah site.

If we don’t try to reason, to consider all sides of situations, outcomes and possibilities we’re risking our basic freedoms because we’re abusing our power. We’re letting it slip away unnoticed. If we don’t appreciate the resources we have at our disposal, and work to improve some aspect of the world we are abusing our power by neglecting it. Why wouldn’t we claim that power and put it to good use? I’m not sure the best way I can do this in my life…but I think I have to try. I’m blessed to live in a place that isn’t scared to give me freedom, and I want it to stay that way.

China and Turkey are a few of the places trying to censor or even block Twitter. What next? We get up in arms if books are censored because of our freedom of creation and expression as artists, but what about our everyday lives? Do we have less concern for our freedom of knowledge, thinking, and speech?

I’ve been so excited about social media because of its ability to connect people all over the world, but to censor or block people is to isolate them, to try to keep them ignorant of what is occurring in the world all for the sake of the perception of control. It might be said that some things are better off staying in the shadows, but this is typically incorrect. Let’s make sure we are all connected, and that we can all strive to find the truth surrounding us. I don’t want anyone to be cut off from the rest of the world. That simply creates an alluring atmosphere for dangerous minds or a need for rebellion. I don’t know about you, but either way it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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