Yes, I am a Dreamer

In my world, the sails of airships obscure the sun and there are no cars. We fly everywhere we go without harmful emissions, harnessing the innate power that nature has bestowed upon us. There is no longer any need for highways or endless networks of asphalt. Grass is reclaiming the pavement and the earth is cooling.

In my world there are ghosts, vampires, werewolves, sirens, mermaids, demons, angels and any number of imaginable entities. They are the creatures you see out of the corner of your eye, but refuse to acknowledge. You blink and look again, and believe it was nothing. Mermaid

In my world, everyone has the choice whether they want to live for a higher calling and something worth fighting for, or if they want to live an untroubled life in solitude. In my world you can challenge yourself to your heart’s content without anyone wondering at the oddity. There is no need for extreme sports because we have causes and opportunities to test our mettle. I choose to tame a dragon and join a band of righteous pirates who are the lone group standing against the threat of a corrupt seaside kingdom.

I learn fencing, martial arts, metalworking and magic. There are pixies, imps, gnomes, dwarves and trolls. Elves and unicorns are the norm and declarations from the Queen of Hearts could arrive at any time.

Why should I “grow up”, or get my head out of the clouds? It is during the toughest times that imagination and faith can sustain us, and those who have forgotten how to use their imaginations cannot escape their own self-made hells. I know the difference between reality and imagination, but I am a dreamer. I believe in a world where the impossible may become possible with the right combination of hope, perseverance, technology, science, and hard work.

When all is said and done, I’ll leave my head in the clouds because I know that I search for something greater than the mundane, more passionate than everyday routine, and more meaningful than whatever society intends. In my world I live for the extraordinary, because deep within I realize that the world needs a little magic and lots of dreaming to be the best it can be.

So yes, I am a dreamer. I am the one who still remembers the goblins in my nightmares, and the magic of flying. Just because I use my imagination does not mean I live there, I just choose to see the meaningful messages and apply them to real life. One day, what seems impossible will become possible because we dare to imagine.

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