Stumped for Mother’s Day Ideas?

Mother’s Day. One of those days when you celebrate your Mom, or if you don’t have the greatest relationship with her try to find some nice things to say. Then there are the Mom’s who are easy to please, and whether we like to admit it or not, some who are not-so-easy to please.

"Bouquet" picture by Ken FUNAKOSHI, taken from the following URL:
“Bouquet” picture by Ken FUNAKOSHI, taken from the following URL:

It’s a little bit stressful trying to figure out how to say things the right way, and find gestures that will be meaningful and appreciated. If you happen to be a procrastinator, this holiday is not your friend. This year, I was sick of the traditional flowers and ridiculously sweet cards. If I am honest with myself…those things are pretty much benign, but also meaningless. Instead I opted to take my Mom on a short trip to see a festival that she has wanted to see for years. We always seem to guess the wrong weekend or I forget to take time off, and so for the past decade we have missed the festival.

Not this year. Oh no.

I made sure to take time off for the festival–of course I forgot to ask for Mother’s Day off, but that’s okay, right?–and we are definitely going. Not only is it something I know my Mom will enjoy, but it’s time together to create some new memories.

If you are feeling the pressure and you still aren’t satisfied with your usual Mother’s Day plans, I figured I would share some ideas to liven up the holiday and make it more meaningful.

1. Go on an outing–this is obviously the one I chose because it’s something I knew my Mom would enjoy. Depending on your location (and your Mom) you might go to the beach or revisit a location that is special.

2. Take her to a class–if your Mom likes to learn new things, she might enjoy a cooking class, painting, horseback riding, crafting or any other similar class. The time spent together not only creates memories, but gives you another common experience to share. If you need more conversation starters with your Mom, this could be just the ticket.

3. Pinterest–this works for just about any occasion. You don’t have much time left, so keep it simple but you can find lots of great cooking, crafting, and decor ideas.

4. Thoughtful gifts–if your Mom is not a fan of plants and flowers, try something more aligned with her interests. Opt for gifts to enhance everyday life like new music, books, hobby supplies, or even a gift card to a favorite shop.

5. Budget-friendly–you don’t need to spend a lot to make Mom feel special. Make a picnic with sandwiches, or clean up the house without being asked. If you want to give something tangible, try giving little IOU’s for doing dishes, yard work, repair work or other things which would lend her a helping hand.

6. Collage–you could combine favorite photos of family memories and create a special framed collage to hang on the wall. It’s a visual celebration that will last an entire year instead of just one day.

7. Make it personal–many Moms and Grandmas love mugs, throws, calendars with the pictures of their loved ones. You might not have enough time to order one of these, but places like Walmart and Shutterfly offer these types of items. You could probably even create a special Mother’s Day message to put permanently on an item.

If you are stuck for some ideas, I hope this helps. I was dreading the typical “I don’t need anything” response from my Mom. She doesn’t “need” a trip, but it’s something I know she will absolutely love.

Wish you all the best of luck with your ideas, and with creating fun memories!


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