Some Artsy Creations: Japanese Girl Manga Drawing

I figured I was overdue for some artsy things, so here is a project that I’ve finally finished today. I’ve included pictures of the various stages of the creation process just for funsies. Also am working on some posts, one in particular that I’m hoping to post next week regarding the most amazing things: Casa Bubbles! Talk about a writer’s haven! In the meantime here is some random art stuff until I can get some other posts done.

The outlining: I used a picture in Chris Hart’s Mangamania Girl Power! drawing book as a place to start.

Japanese girl pic 1

In the next picture I added simple flowers.

Japanese girl pic 2

And finally the trickiest part, adding color. I have a limited color supply for my Copic markers so it wasn’t ideal…but not too bad overall.

Japanese Girl pic 3

There’s my artsy endeavor for the week and I’ll hopefully have some more blog articles ready this coming week. Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

P.S. Are you going to see The Fault in Our Stars? (Otherwise known as TFiOS) I love the book, and I can’t wait to see the movie. Let me know if you’re going…just no movie spoilers pretty please! 🙂





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