Your Next Writer’s Retreat: CasaBubbles

I believe that every writer needs a retreat, but a retreat means different things to different people. One person’s idea of a retreat could be traveling to a new are and staying for about a week. If I did that, I doubt I would do much writing. I would much rather explore a new place.

Other people may think of a retreat as a quiet room in the house, or perhaps even the library. Regardless of the differing opinions, a writer’s retreat is a place that nurtures the creative spirit and ideally gives writers some place of solace in which to craft their magnum opus.

I’ve mentioned a few times in prior blogs something called a CasaBubble. In order to understand why I think it is a great idea for a writer’s retreat—I’ll try to break down the main points as succinctly as possible—I first want you to imagine a beautiful sphere sitting in the heart of your favorite location.

Imagine you’re inside that sphere, looking out at the surroundings.

If you’re like me perhaps you imagine a beach, or forested area with a little clearing that seems perfect for your little spot. Perhaps you’ve imagined a park or other place with people around. People-watching can be a very helpful activity for some writers.

Here’s an example of what a CasaBubble looks like:


If this picture has piqued your interest, keep reading because it gets more incredible. These CasaBubbles contain a wooden base and the inflatable bubble; the spherical shape allows the CasaBubbles to regulate temperatures more efficiently. Here are a few points regarding these unique CasaBubbles:


  • Easy set up: CasaBubbles are inflated with a small, silent air turbine.
  • Particle filters: staying in your CasaBubble should allow you a relatively insect-free way to enjoy the outdoors, and may also help reduce some allergens.
  • Electricity is available: there are special areas for extension cords, or systems using solar cells and/or batteries are available through CasaBubble.
  • Plenty of space: you can use your own furniture or get some from CasaBubble. The Bubbles are large enough to accommodate a king-size bed or round bed. The airlock, which is a more structured aluminum entryway, is large enough to accommodate shelves for guest’s belongings.
  • Durability: according to the manufacturers of the materials the CasaBubbles can be used for six to nine years. Since the concept is so new, it is possible that they could last longer with proper care.

GrandLodge 5

If you are wondering about your particular area, there are CasaBubbles suited to nearly every type of climate.

  • Temps between 42°F and 122°F (5°C and 50°C)
  • Temps as low as -31°F and -40°F (-35°C)
  • Desert climates use CasaBubbles in a different material to reflect 95% of the sunlight and keep the interior cool


What does a CasaBubble mean for writers?

  • Upscale version of a tent
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors (including your very own backyard)
  • Long-term use for enjoyment instead of a single trip for a week
  • Environmentally friendly way to enjoy nature
  • Ability to take the CasaBubble wherever you want to go
  • Can also be enjoyed by friends and family, unlike some other retreat options
  • Can be used often and for many years, not just a one-time vacation

What really impresses me are the implications for the housing industry. The CasaBubble can be hooked up to a water source, such as a garden hose. Used water is collected in a reservoir and if biodegradable soap is used, the water can be reused to water plants (depending on your local guidelines). If you choose to get one of the CasaBubbles with a bathroom option, you can remove the trash bag for easy (and dry) disposal. It is also made of compostable materials (sawdust and wood shavings), so for the really “green” people (and as long as local guidelines allow) the materials could be used to fertilize a garden.

That is some pretty amazing stuff.        


Solar electricity solutions, and conceivably no waste from water…just think about it. What if we could duplicate this in a more permanent way? The sphere shape is part of what makes it much more efficient for temperature regulation, and an airlock helps keep bugs at bay. Filters help clean the air, and I’m guessing here, but the air in the CasaBubble is probably cleaner than the air in our regular homes.

If we have the capability to create a homestead which does not need to use up traditional electricity, and can almost automatically create a comfortable temperature inside without worrying about air conditioning…the possibilities are mind-boggling! Why wouldn’t we pay attention to this and demand more out of our home designs? Sure it’s a bit of a lifestyle change, but what a tremendous difference from just one eco-friendly home!

If you want to learn more about these awesome CasaBubbles (and a soon-to-come Bubble in a Tree option), check out this website:

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