No More Neglect (and Other Randomness)

If you’ve been trying to follow my blog, you may have noticed my lack of verbosity which I will attribute, in part, to having a lack of interest in writerly topics. I know…sacrilege.

The past few weeks I have been taking the advice of the prolific writer, Stephen King:

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”
― Stephen King

It’s so very true, but I never really even needed that quote to motivate me to read. I go through spurts: writing, movies, reading, music, art. They all inspire me in different ways, and I pay attention when my inclinations change to the next thing. If I had tried to force myself to sit down and write about the topic of writing, I may have actually gagged myself.

Really, there is only so much that you can talk about with writing; at least, the exciting parts of writing. Who wants to hear an endless lesson regarding past participles, clauses, phrases and the like? I’ll admit that now that I’ve found some better reference material, and more thorough teachers grammar makes much more sense than it did during my early school years. I would not, however, want to write indefinitely about the microscopic parts of writing. There are already tons of references and resources available which can more adequately address those concerns.
So, until I can come up with a much simpler way to learn and teach the lovely rules of grammar, I will let my blog wander the paths of my mind.

I’ve read quite a few books recently, and am trying to catch up with the Doctor Who series so that I’ll be able to watch the new season (which I believe begins August 23rd in case you were wondering). I’d love to be able to follow Tumblr and Twitter feeds without worrying about spoilers.
I’ve been trying to wrack my brain about wonderful writerly insights or advice to help out my fellow scribes, but my mind is adamant about wandering in a different direction. Instead of writing about writing, my brain simply wants me to write.

I was able to write the first draft of a children’s adventure story during JuNoWriMo so I consider it a success, although it fell short of the 50K word goal. I also (finally) started painting something I had drawn out on Bristol board.

Flower PaintingIt’s not anything like what I pictured in my mind, but I like it so far. I’m mixing the colors myself, but they dry much darker. I’m going to be layering lighter color over the top of the darker shades to see the effect. This is the picture that I figured I would set up for a little bid war—the key term being “little”—so that I could help raise money for a charity but also give something in return. I guess we’ll have to see how the finished product looks. I don’t usually have a lot of time to dedicate to such pursuits so it may be a while before this is completed.

That’s all I have for today. I hope you all had a great weekend, and I’m sorry for my prolonged absence. Hopefully, all the plans I have been working on will come to fruition soon.

Have an amazing week, and remember to let your minds wander. You never know what you may find! (I’m still hoping to find my sanity, but then, I’ve always been an optimist.)

Previous artsy stuff you may have missed include pictures of some of the different phases of one of my drawings.

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