How Jeff Goins Can Help Your Writing Career

Tools of the Writing TradeIf you happen to be someone of the aspiring writer persuasion, I hope that the name Jeff Goins sounds, at the very least familiar.


Jeff Goins has written multiple books, which I look forward to reading. More importantly (for our purposes) he has an amazing blog. His posts are filled with passion, encouragement, and great advice. He is also consistent, which is something I have personally struggled with since launching this odd little blog, and therefore am in awe of Mr. Goins’ perseverance.

On this great Tuesday (and of course it is going to be a great Tuesday because what Tuesday would dare demote itself to the reputation of a morbid Monday?), I decided to share a post from the popular Mr. Goins that I read yesterday.

7 Ways to Get Noticed For Your Writing Now

This particular post is tailored to freelance writers, but his suggestions can also work wonders for any writing goal. If you have dreams of being paid to write, or simply being well-known I would highly recommend following his advice. I wish that I had found a post like this when I started my freelance writing career.

Along my journey I have learned a lot about what I still need. I’m getting there, and will keep seeking knowledge and wisdom to enhance my career. His post would have been so helpful to others in my position, so this week I will be creating my own list of things (mostly resources) for those who are just beginning in the freelance world, or who have other writing goals.

I promise to make these resources as generic and writer-friendly (regardless of writing type or goals) as possible, in the hopes that it may help you or someone you know.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow Jeff Goins’ blog. It’s awesome stuff!

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