Random Recipe Ideas

One of my favorite pastimes when I’m a little bored is to take out whatever is in my pantry and/or fridge and try to figure out a little recipe. I’m usually happy with recipes that have a little more flavor than ordinary fare, but are still pretty quick to make. I’m not exactly a patient person when I’m hungry. 

Here’s one of the things I’ve come up with in the past: 

Chicken nuggets or breaded chicken patties (also would work with unbreaded chicken breasts)

Spaghetti sauce

Mozzarella cheese

Spaghetti noodles

I cook the chicken according to directions and remove it about 7-10 minutes before it is done. I add as much sauce as I want and top with shredded mozzarella cheese then pop back into the oven. (I usually bake the chicken nuggets/patties.)

Cook plain spaghetti noodles as you would normally. Serve with the chicken dish and sauce on top of the noodles, or off to the side. It’s pretty simple, fast and filling. 

When you’re busy writing or managing aspects of life, you probably don’t want to waste a bunch of time in the kitchen. I know I don’t like to do that when I’m trying to complete my writing goal for the day (or week). 

Happy Wednesday peeps! 

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