Crazy Eggs Love


Hello my friends, neighbors, minions, and other visitors! I have finally acknowledged that I’m slightly in love with eggs. They’re scrumptious. I go through odd periods of time in which I don’t eat eggs for a month or more, and then I’ll want them for practically every meal.


Well, besides the previously mentioned and somewhat (I feel) obvious point that they’re scrumptious, they also happen to be crazy versatile, hence my crazy eggs love. Very rarely do I have anything as mundane as a fried egg.

I was thinking of what weird food thing I could post this Wednesday and remembered an omelette accident from a month or two ago. I wanted an omelette, and I knew all the goodies I wanted to put into my omelette.

So what’s the problem?

Apparently that day I lacked a medium frying pan in which to sizzle my lovely omelette-to-be. I was lazy and used a smaller one. There didn’t appear to be that much difference in size. I chopped up all the desired toppings and waited for the egg to set on low heat. And then I discovered the problem: I couldn’t bear to part with any of my toppings! I hadn’t adjusted the amount of toppings after reducing the pan size. Oops.

Awesome solution is imminent.

At that point I had a couple choices. I could toss out a bunch of tantalizing toppings, or try to squish them all onto a smaller omelette. I chose to smother my omelette with all the toppings. They refused to stay on one side of the omelette though, which gave me an idea.

Why not make an egg-based breakfast pizza?

Brilliant, right?

I didn’t need crust at all, and that would be healthier as well.

So how did it turn out?

Plate of deliciousness! Nom Nom Nom.
Plate of deliciousness! Nom Nom Nom.

Scrumptious, of course. I like veggies in my omelette so I put in onion, baby spinach, chopped fresh mushrooms, a bit of deli turkey, salsa, and I topped it with a slice of colby jack cheese.  😀

Imagine all the combinations! Crumbled bacon or sausage with cheese. Heck, you could even top a pancake or waffle for the “crust” on an open-faced omelette pizza.

Do any of you share my crazy eggs love? Do you eschew the boring fried egg for something more eggs-citing?

In light of yesterday’s shared article I figured I would mention that the above picture is obviously my own. If you’re curious about using photos on your own website or blog, but you aren’t sure if you’re able to use one that you find online, the flowchart can help you out. Click the link to yesterday’s post, and there’s another link to the article/flowchart.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Party like it’s the middle of the week! Woo!

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