Exciting Progress with my Writing Process

It’s been much longer than I realized, so I apologize for being remiss in my posts. It seems life continually shoves things in my face and then I forget to blog. Silly me. I need a foghorn or special alarm that will rattle my bones and propel me to blogging greatness…or at least consistency, either one works for me. 

I’ve been a little excited lately because I believe I’ve found a writing process that makes everything flow more smoothly. I know everyone has their own unique preferences and styles, so this may not be something you care about. I wanted to share though, just in case it turns out to be helpful. 

I usually write in either a notebook (old-fashioned paper stuff), or type in Word. Sometimes I do a little of both, which becomes confusing. There are small antagonist ninjas in my home, and they like to hide my notebooks whenever possible. When I need to refer to something in a writing notebook…BAM…instant fail. This past week I’ve been trying a sneakier approach and the antagonist ninjas have been unable to foil my ninjawriting exercises, otherwise known as Wordjitsu. 

Here’s what I use to try and keep everything organized and easily accessible: 

I use an icloud account since I have access to the Pages beta, but it’s essentially a friendlier Google Docs. I like this option because I can access it anywhere I have an internet connection, even if I forget my USB backup, etc. It also has proven much less stressful than Yarny, and I haven’t lost a single word yet ~knocks on desk~. 

Learn more about Apple iCloud features

I also use Microsoft OneNote

Found at the following URL: https://i0.wp.com/www.win8mi.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/excel-2013-and-onenote-2013-icon-thumb.jpg
Microsoft One Note Icon

You can create notebooks, and then sections within the notebooks to keep everything organized. This means I can have a separate notebook for each story I’m writing, and then within each notebook I can have sections for character information, research sources, overall story arcs and anything else. Talk about organized! I keep both windows open and toggle back and forth. 

This method has made it a lot easier, and more efficient to keep track of story outlines, settings, and characters. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a character name halfway through a manuscript and writing it incorrectly through the entire last half. Been there, done that. 

No more writing headaches! Hopefully. Adios my fellow Ninjawriters, wordsmiths, and literary crafters! May you have a most excellent weekend living the stuff of your dreams. 

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