Making Progress

Hope you’re doing well! I managed to complete my goal of rewriting a short story that I unintentionally deleted after formatting my computer hard drive. 

While I was writing, I realized it had been a full year since I had originally wrote it–last June. I had done JunoWriMo before so I set myself the challenge to complete the rewrite within 30 days. 

It felt awesome to complete it, even if I feel a little lukewarm about the quality. The point is, the story is out and I can edit! I loved crossing that goal off my year list at only halfway through the year. 

So I was inspired to draw my cartoony vision of one of the main characters, tentatively named Jan. 

It’s a rough sketch and faulty, but it helps me with a visual to reference when I begin editing. Almost scared to color her in though. 

I am currently working on lots of personal projects, along with some work projects so I have no idea how often I can post here. I missed you guys though and wanted to share a little of what I have been doing. 

You are all so amazing, and I am blown away by the levels of talent I see in this digital world! Carry on my Epic friends, carry on!

Scrawl Something

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