A Big Life

edited moon picI was thinking today, and listening to my kids watching Rescue Heroes in the background and it hit me. I want a big life. I’m not quite sure yet what that means for me.

I’ve been on a journey within the journey of life and it’s taken me places (metaphorically speaking) that I never thought I would go. I’ve taken some time to explore what I like, and try to find whatever slivers of talent I might possess.

I think more and more people are looking for fulfilling lives; big lives. I want to make a difference, to help people in some particular way or perhaps a whole host of ways. Ideally, I’d like to combine my talents with this dream to help people.

Why Not? wrapper

Right now, I’m probably biting off more than I can chew. We’re getting ready to move…again (the day before Thanksgiving) which as I’ve discussed previously on this blog seems to be a recurring theme. Strangely enough, I have less stress than I have had…since, well…ever. I have more responsibilities than before and am trying to start a home-based business so that I can also homeschool my kids.

It would make sense to think that my life is already about as hectic as it should get, but I’m apparently a glutton for punishment. There is so much in the world; so many things I don’t know. My thirst for learning new things may never be quenched, so I want to ensure that I live a big life with at least some goals to keep me focused.

I’m pretty excited and overwhelmed in a really good way. I’m terribly blessed even in the midst of life turmoils, and I want to give the world something back. It’s like paying blessings forward. So now, I just need to figure out how I’m going to do that.

What does a big life mean to you? 

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