Why Writers Need a Reddit Account

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing particularly awesome as we near the end of the year.

I have to confess something to you. I really don’t like Reddit. It’s ugly. There, I said it. Just looking at the front page makes my eyes want to go in opposite directions. If ever there was a reason to advocate for simple clean webpages…Reddit is the poster child. I went to the site once, maybe twice and immediately escaped to prettier pages after a prolonged grimace and a bout of dizziness.

Reddit Front Page Example

Blech. That’s my official diagnosis of Reddit.

All that aside, I’ve discovered (or perhaps been forcefully shoved into) the world of Reddit by my boyfriend who seems to find the most intriguing things in the hodgepodge-y mess.

In case there are others who share my opinion of Reddit, I figured I should try to change your minds. I’m using it for a few things such as keeping track of fandoms that I appreciate, but ultimately for some truly awesome gold nuggets for writers.

If you haven’t signed up for Reddit yet, I’ve marked the part of the page you need to find (on the far right) to set up an account. As of today, Reddit accounts are free and will hopefully remain so for the foreseeable future.

This is where you should go to sign up for your own Reddit account:

Reddit Login/New Account Screen  <—-See the super tiny sentence above the boxes? Click the teeny-tiny “sign up”.

Once you get your account, look for a search bar hidden in the midst of a bazillion crazy titles and search for what YOU actually want. You will also have the option to “unsubscribe” to a bunch of the Reddit threads that you don’t want to follow.

For now, I’m keeping most of them subscribed until I get a better feeling for the type of information that’s available. If you’re going to use this mostly for writing, just search for key terms like writing and writers.

There are some really imaginative writing prompts to help you hone skills and wake up your brain. Perfect as a pre-writing exercise, or just to keep your creativity going. There are also Reddits with advice on how to get published, and how to make money from your writing.

It’s a great writing community from what I’ve seen so far. People are there to help each other be successful and I’d be a horrible friend if I didn’t let you know what you could be missing. I’m really grateful that my boyfriend kept sending me articles from Reddit, and helped me look past the counter-intuitive design to find the awesome people and information residing on Reddit.

For those of you who prefer to get your stuff on the go, Reddit now has apps:

Alien Blue for iPhone

Android has a few third-party options for Reddit.

Also, Reddit has a new “Ask Me Anything” app available on the App Store for Apple, and Google Play for Android.

I sure hope you’ll give it an honest try. There are a lot of knowledgeable and helpful people who may be able to offer great advice to help you achieve your dreams, whether it’s about writing or something else.


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