Writing Feedback Form

This is an attempt to create a practical, helpful feedback form. Feel free to print and distribute to those lucky people who get to read your writing-in-progress. If you have suggestions I’ll be happy to update the form (within reason), but it is also going to be kept as simple as possible. Simplicity often yields the most important discoveries.

  1. What was your overall impression of the work as a reader?
  1. Were there any scenes which seemed unclear? Explain what was unclear or what was confusing.
  1. Were the characters believable? Explain what aspects either made characters believable or superficial.
  1. Did the plot flow well, or were there areas that seemed to lag?
  1. Did you notice any inconsistencies, either in the plot, characters, or story itself?
  1. Did you feel there were unresolved issues? If so, what do you think they are, or what made it feel that way?
  1. What parts of the book, if any, felt rushed?
  1. Did the ending seem contrived or natural?
  1. Was the dialogue easy to read and follow?
  1. Were there noticeable issues with grammar, punctuation, or spelling that detracted from the reading experience?
  1. Were there any scenes that seemed to have too much description or cliché?
  1. Please list any other factors which detracted from the reading experience, and any applicable suggestions which may make the experience better.

Thank you for your time and invaluable feedback!

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