Life’s Journey Through the Dark

We can never forget the fact that possibilities surround us at any given moment, if we open our minds to them and consider avenues which may take us out of our comfort zones. Obviously I speak only of completely legal and legitimate avenues. Every day we form connections with others who may turn out to be the key to a new experience, or who may offer advice which comes at the right time.

There are always those times in life when you feel trapped by your circumstances, and during those moments it seems impossible to consider possibilities. All we see during those times are the things we cannot do. It can be difficult to accept certain circumstances, even if they are only temporary, and we may not need to. Sometimes we need to analyze the situation to find paths we didn’t consider previously. When we stop stressing over things, it allows our minds to work for alternate solutions, but it isn’t always easy to calm down.

This past week I felt like a caged tiger without any options, and with nothing working properly.

Caged Tiger
Caged Tiger

That was my perception and while I can’t help that very much, I kept plugging away at some of the things which were causing me undue stress and told myself to just keep going one day at a time. Today was much better, and few more things were scratched off the to-do list. I had to get a little bit creative, but it paid off and I feel more able to tackle additional problems as they arise. The best thing that anyone can do is keep moving forward, and if that means just taking things a day at time, then so be it. That is one of the only actions we can take when we feel mired in sludge. Each moment during that time is like being testing in the flames of a forge. We come out refined, stronger and better. I don’t like the process, it’s difficult. At the same time, I know it’s helped make me who I am so I can’t completely disregard those struggles.

Remember that the world is full of possibilities, of untapped potential. We have many different avenues available, but they may not be obvious until the right moment, so keep waiting and taking it a day at a time. If you keep searching for options, you are bound to find one eventually. Sorry for the spotty posts, but I have a few in the works, so I will hopefully have them up shortly. Thanks for bearing with me through the good, the bad, the dark, and the amazing.

Discovering desire lines: How to break down barriers and let paths emerge Found at this URL:
Discovering desire lines: How to break down barriers and let paths emerge Found at this URL:

As Dory from Nemo says, “Just keep swimming, swimming.” Good philosophy Dory. Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend. There is finally sunny weather here which makes me want to spend most of my time outdoors. Wishing you all fun outdoorsy weather and a great week!

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